A cross-browser collection of CSS box-shadows

update 15/05/2018 version 1.0.1

Box-shadows.css a bunch of simple and pleasant shadows for you to use in your projects. Great for tables, homepages content, containers, navigation and other blocks your website.


Change the background of the site and container to your own.

Now the collection consists of 45 shadows with number, bShadow, bShadow-light and bShadow-inset. Look them up.

Basic Usage

Include the stylesheet on your document's <head>:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://madeas.github.io/box-shadows.css">

Add the class .bShadow to the block you want to use:

<div class="bShadow"></div>

Finally you need change .bShadow-n or to add one of the classes.

<div class="bShadow bShadow-1"></div>
<!-- or -->
<div class="bShadow-1"></div>

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Try, experiment, use whatever you want and how you want!

…as used by , and many others.